Welcome to your dogs home away from home!

Here at Dog-Venture, we want you to know that making your dog comfortable while you're away is our top priority! Your dog will be staying in a REAL home with a large fenced in yard where they can run and romp or relax to their hearts content!

Drop off and Pick ups are by appointment only during the following hours

Monday: Saturday 8am-5pm
Sunday: 2-4pm

3 Nights or less: $35 per dog per night
4 Nights or more: $30 per dog per night

Owner must provide:

  • Food
  • Medication (if needed)
  • Vaccine records from Veterinarian


If food runs out while dog is in our care, the same food (where possible) will be purchased (where possible) and added to the bill with a $15 handling fee.

Dogs MUST come for an assessment before a dog can be scheduled for boarding.

Boarding cancelled less than 48 hours in advance must pay 50% of the boarding fee or rescheduling in future will be disallowed.

There are NO extra charges to give medications.


Board & Train:

Whether you want your dog/puppy to get a head start in training, or you just want a tune up while you're on vacation, you may want to consider leaving your dog for a Board & Train stay.

Your dog will stay with Laura at Dog-Venture to receive a minimum of 60-120 minutes of training sessions daily.

  • You'll be sent regular updates and photos.
  • You will also be required to attend several sessions with your dog during or after week two.
  • You will also have a follow up training session no more than two weeks after the dogs stay.

New Board & Train dogs MUST stay a minimum 14 days depending on the behavioral needs of the dog. The fee is $80 per day.

Returning Board & Train clients tune up session fee is $50 per day.

Dog must have an assessment done prior to scheduling board & trains to be sure this is the right choice for your dog!