2023 updates!

A few updates for our wonderful Dog-Venture family! 

We appreciate the wonderful support you’ve all given recommending us to your friends! But now we are unable to continue taking new clients so we can continue to serve all of you! 

Second, with the prices of supplies only going up. In order to keep providing the very best supplies and service for your pups, we will be having a price increase of $2 per hour come May 1st.

Our final update, is an exciting announcement! We will be welcoming our third child in August! So we will be scheduling into July/early august, and do not have a return date set as of yet. But will get you all back onto the schedule after babys arrival!

For our grooming clients, we highly recommend staying on your current groom schedules and contacting Kaytee Whitmer at Pet People 440-238-2125, I can’t recommend her enough and would suggest booking well in advance to be sure you can get in to keep to your dogs current groom schedules as they are, to keep your fuzzy friends looking and feeling great!

We’d also like to remind everyone of our grooming policies: 

Cancellation & Drop off/Pick up Policies:

Groom dogs need to be dropped off at their scheduled appointment time, dogs that are 15 or more minutes late will be considered an automatic cancellation.

Grooming appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged 50% of the approximate groom price.

Please pick up groom dogs within 30 minutes of completion of groom, dogs left for more than 30 minutes after the groom has been completed will be charged a $20 daycare fee.

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